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MotoSafe Tour

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MotoSafe Tour: the perfect earplugs for riding tours, on holidays, and roads. The MotoSafe earplugs reduce damaging noise without feeling disconnected from your environment. Surrounding traffic, your navigation system, the intercom and motorcycle are still perfectly clear thanks to the innovative AlpineAcousticFilters™. This special touring variant of the MotoSafe earplugs offers a high noise reduction value of 17 dB (SNR) and protects your hearing while riding.

Experience the ride of your life
and prevent hearing loss

The number 1 earplugs for relaxed motorcycle riding

MotoSafe Tour earplugs have a perfect fit thanks to the durable and flexible AlpineThermoShape™ (ATS) material. Thanks to the warmth of the ear, the soft material moulds to shape of the ear canal. ATS is silicone-free, so the earplugs do not sweat, itch or irritate. MotoSafe earplugs are the only ones on the market with soft filters, making them comfortable to wear even underneath a helmet. You can easily wear them all day.
Reduces damaging noise and prevents exhaustion
Soft material for ultimate wearing comfort
Easy to remove and can be worn over 100 times

Unique material for the highest comfort

What you want when riding your motorcycle, is to enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, many motorcycle riders experience an annoying ringing in their ears and a feeling of exhaustion after a long ride. This is caused by the very high noise level the wind causes beneath the helmet. Alpine has designed special filter earplugs for motorcycle riders. Alpine MotoSafe Tour lets you have the ride of your life.

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Product Details

Attenuation table MotoSafe Tour

Frequency Hz631252505001000200040008000
Average noise reduction value dB10.312.212.713.
Standard deviation dB3.
Expected noise reduction value dB (APV)

Extra information

Which MotoSafe earplugs are suitable for my situation?

The Alpine MotoSafe Race earplugs offer high noise reduction, making them ideal for motorways, circuits and riding with open helmet. Would you like to use your earplugs to go touring or on a holiday? Opt for the Alpine MotoSafe Tour, which provide medium noise reduction values. If you would like to choose between medium or high noise reduction depending on the situation, the Alpine MotoSafe Pro consists of two complete sets of motorcycle earplugs: one set of MotoSafe Tour and one set of MotoSafe Race.

Use period and cleaning

Alpine MotoSafe Tour can be cleaned with warm water and soap, or the Alpine Clean spray included with the pack. You can extend the service life of the earplugs by cleaning and maintaining them correctly.

Practical travel pouch

Store your Alpine MotoSafe earplugs in the practical travel pouch included with the pack. Hang the pouch from your key ring, and you will always have them on you.


color White earplug with black filter
ean code 8717154024913
package measurements 20 x 82 x 120mm
size M
weight 30g
Alpine MotoSafe Tour - Declaration of conformity