What could be more fun than travel? You discover new cultures, meet new people, and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer. But sometimes, travel can be exhausting due to the irritating noise of aircraft engines, other passengers or painful pressure in your ear canal. We offer hearing protection for every situation designed with your specific situation in mind. Discover our travel products below.

Comfortable travel and relaxation

We all know it, that unpleasant feeling of pressure in your ears during takeoff and landing. Alpine’s air travel earplugs regulate the pressure on the eardrum, preventing pain during air travel, so you are completely relaxed when you return home from that well-earned holiday! In addition to universal travel earplugs, there are also personalised earplugs especially for travel. The digital production technology and 1-on-1 copy of your ear canal ensure a perfect fit of these personalised air travel earplugs.

Premium earplugs made in the Netherlands

We use the best and most durable materials and have done extensive research to create the most comfortable travel earplugs. All our products are conceived, designed, and manufactured in the Netherlands. International character merged with Dutch design: we are proud of that!