At Alpine, we want people to enjoy life more. We do this by offering high quality hearing protection for musicians, children, travelers, water sports enthusiasts, clubbers, motorists and people with sleeping issues. We believe that life is more fun when you’re not bothered by harmful or annoying noise. Red Dot 2015 Award winner for our latest ear plugs, judged on “outstanding quality and innovative ability”.


Concentration in the classroom

We are seeing it more and more often; children wearing head phones in the classroom. Not the type that play music, but special children’s earmuffs. They make children less distracted and [...]

5 practical tips to get that promotion

Well begun is half done. That’s why we make resolutions don’t we? Get off to a great start in the New Year with these tips to improve your concentration and make your office job more productive. [...]


"Thank god, I’ve tried these earplugs and they’re awesome. It really works. Nowadays, I sleep better! Very comfortable plugs and good service of Alpine!"
Alpine SleepSoft

Kim Jaym

"It is free of maintenance,easy to clean with cold water. It was delivered with very comfortable box and special cleaning tool." Alpine SleepSoft

Mindaugas Jurevicius

"the pluggies enable her to concentrate on her assignment and she is not disturbed by the teacher talking to the other class."
Alpine Pluggies Kids

van Loon

"Our 10-year old daughter is not looking forward to flying due to the ear ache she suffers during the landing. These earplugs solve this problem painlessly."
Alpine Pluggies Kids


"With the current decibels in sound production in rooms and parades, the children no longer have to put their fingers in their ears. And they were so happy!"
Alpine Pluggies Kids


"I found the Alpine Partyplug to be extremely comfortable and convenient. Good correct fit and not noticeable." Alpine PartyPlug

Mustafa Tapan

"I spent the entire evening talking to people and the music remained audible, and the sound was good quality." Alpine PartyPlug

Ben Sluiter

"The Alpine PartyPlug earplugs are comfortable in the ear and filter the noise very well."
Alpine PartyPlug

Kevin Vancraybex

"Muffling is extremely good, much better than I might have hoped. Communicating with other people surprised me, also how well you can understand them"
Alpine PartyPlug

Ronday I.