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SleepDeep are the most comfortable sleep earplugs ever made, developed especially for sleeping. They merge ultimate comfort with maximum noise reduction. The unique, oval 3D shape of the earplug follows the natural shape of your ear canal, so the earplugs stay in place and do not cause pain for side sleepers. Moreover, SleepDeep contains a revolutionary sound-absorbing gel that provides maximum noise reduction for noise from your surroundings and snoring. SleepDeep earplugs offer a medium noise reduction value (SNR) of 27 dB. This means that most noise from your surroundings is reduced, allowing you to sleep well through the night!

Enjoy sleeping again

Unique oval 3D shape

The world is becoming louder and louder. Sleeping well determines your performance and how you feel. For many people, a good night’s rest is affected by distracting noise from their surroundings. SleepDeep, the latest generation of sleep earplugs, was developed by collecting consumer insights and feedback for two years and translating that to a perfect product. This number 1 sleep earplug on the market offers the ultimate combination of comfort and high noise reduction.
Highest possible reduction of noise from surroundings and snoring
Oval shape that matches the natural shape of the ear canal
With sound-absorbing core


Step 1
Slightly pull up your ear and insert the earlugs
Step 2
Insert the earplug in your ear canal (not too deeply)
Step 3
The oval shape should follow your ear canal

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Product Details

Attenuation table SleepDeep

Frequency Hz631252505001000200040008000
Average noise reduction value dB24.425.924.125.726.232.037.942.4
Standard deviation dB3.
Expected noise reduction value in dB (APV)20.522.119.720.821.72733.635.7

Extra information

User instructions

Insert the earplugs in your ear canal before you go to sleep. Pull the ear slightly up and insert the earplug into your ear with the other hand until it fits firmly into place. Removal is easy with the aid of the soft removal tag. Do not insert the earplug into the ear too deeply. Incorrect insertion, incorrect use or failing to follow the user instructions limits effective noise reduction, increases the risk of hearing loss, and reduces the service life of reusable earplugs.


color White earplugs with purple filter
ean code 8717154027242
package measurements 19 x 82 x 120mm
size M
weight 30g
Alpine SleepDeep - Declaration of conformity