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Alpine SoftSilicone

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The SoftSilicone is the  earplug that fits perfectly and is ideal for all situations. Prepare for the earplugs that care for your ears as much as you do. The air tight seal ensures that your ears are protected from both sound and water, making them perfect for sleeping, swimming, or working in loud environments. You can relax knowing that your ears are well protected in every scenario.

  • The SoftSilicone nurtures your skin thanks to the use of aloevera.
  • They are also more hygienic than other products thanks to the use of anti-bacterial silver.
  • The package includes a case that allows you to separate your plugs, adding to their hygiene.
  • These, combined with their attenuation of up to 28dB ensures that your ears are well protected.

Earplugs that care for your ears
almost as much as you do

The perfect fit for every scenario

The SoftSilicone earplugs are skin friendly, thanks to the aloe vera used in making the product. They are hygenic, thanks to the anti-bacterial silver and extra travel compartment. They are also comfortable thanks to the softness and stickyness of the material.
Perfect for sleeping, swimming & concentration
Mouldable and soft material
Aloe Vera and Anti-bacteria Silver for extra Hygiene

Designed for your comfort.

They are the perfect balance of soft and sticky so that you can wear them for long periods of time. This helps you easily mold the product to the shape of your ear which keeps them comfortable and protected for long periods of time.


Step 1
Knead the plug firmly to heat the plug until it’s soft and easy to shape.
Step 2
Shape the earplug into a ball. Do not shape the earplug into an elongated shape.
Step 3
Place the ball on top of the ear canal’s opening and shape it with your finger until it seals over the ear canal.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent. The best I have used

Product Details

Attenuation table Alpine SoftSilicone

Frequency Hz1252505001000200040008000
Average noise reduction value dB26.322.92428.537.841.539.9
Standard deviation dB43.
Expected noise reduction value in dB (APV)22.319.519.824.433.338.235.2

Extra information

Packaging contents 3 pairs

6 SoftSilicone earplugs, an instructions manual, and a travel case with separators for different pairs of plugs.

Packaging contents 6 pairs

12 SoftSilicone earplugs, an instructions manual, a big case with 10 earplugs and a small travel case with 2 earplugs to bring it always with you.

Optimized formula

0,3% Aloe vera, 1% Anti-bacterial Silver & 98,7% silicone


color Mint green
ean code 6 pack: 8717154028317

12 pack: 8717154028324

package measurements 6 pack: 78x18x117 mm

12 pack: 125x67.5x18 mm

Alpine Alpine SoftSilicone - Declaration of conformity