New from Alpine: Muffy Baby earmuffs with 24dB noise reduction

New from Alpine: Muffy Baby earmuffs with 24dB noise reduction

What's new with the Alpine Muffy Baby 

Lightweight design

Of course, you want your baby's ears to be well protected and comfortable. That's why we've ensured extra comfort in this improved version of the earmuffs, making them more pleasant to wear. 


Discover the innovative angle of the Alpine Muffy Baby 

In addition to ensuring comfort for your little one, ease of use is also crucial. That's why we've incorporated a predefined angle into the new Muffy Baby earmuffs. This innovative diagonal angle ensures that the earmuffs are easy to apply and stay comfortably on your child. 


Grows with your baby's head 

As your child grows and flourishes, you want to provide protection against loud noises for as long as possible. That's why we've added an adjustable band to the new earmuffs, ensuring that little ears are protected up to the age of four. Your little one can use the earmuffs longer, which perfectly complements the Muffy Kids, suitable from 5 years old. 


24dB noise reduction 

The latest version of the Muffy Baby features a headband already set at the correct angle, so you only need to put it on and secure the soft Velcro. This makes applying the earmuffs even easier and super comfortable for your little one! Moreover, we've improved the noise reduction compared to the Classic Muffy Baby by 1 dB. Your child's ears are now even better protected. Want to know the different noise levels in decibels? Read here: What is a decibel, and how is it measured? 


You can choose from various trendy colors such as Dusk Black, Sky Blue, Sage Green, Rose Pink, and Dawn Purple. Pick the color that best suits your little one. 


Curious about our latest addition? 

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