Our new and improved Alpine Muffy Baby

Our new and improved Alpine Muffy Baby

These are the differences between the Muffy Baby and Muffy Baby Classic


Accepted by babies


Of course, you want to protect your baby’s hearing, but babies have their own will. That’s why with the new Muffy Baby earmuffs, we focused on a lightweight design with flatter cups that can be better adjusted thanks to two headbands. This way, the earmuffs fit comfortably, and your baby barely notices them, ensuring they accept the earmuffs. When your baby doesn’t pull the earmuffs off, they remain protected from loud noises for longer periods. 


Predefined angle of the earmuffs 

One of the biggest challenges for parents is easily putting on the earmuffs. The new Muffy Baby makes this process much easier. The predefined angle of the headband ensures you only need to put them on and adjust them with Velcro if needed. This angle ensures that the earmuffs are immediately placed in the correct position without hassle! Comfortable for your little one, easy for you! 


From 23 to 24 dB attenuation 

To offer your child even more protection, we have ensured that the new Muffy Baby provides an extra decibel of hearing protection. What does this mean exactly? There are five sound levels in decibels that we all want protection from, especially your little one. For instance, a hairdryer can produce about 80-90 decibels. Exposure to this sound level, especially for extended periods, can be very harmful to hearing. Better attenuation ensures that your baby or toddler is better protected against an increasingly noisy world. Enjoy new experiences safely! 


From 36 to 48 Months 

It is important that hearing protection grows with your child from baby to toddler. The new Muffy Baby can now be worn until your child is 4 years old. This extension in the usability of the earmuffs ensures you can rely on Alpine’s protection for longer and aligns even better with the Muffy Kids, suitable for children from 5 years old. 


Want to Try the Muffy Baby Yourself? 

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