Orchestra Ear Plugs

Classical music is nothing short of a professional sport

Ear plugs for the orchestra

Practicing hours and hours a day, to get that timing, and that one perfect tone just right; continuously searching for the right interpretation of the composer; in collaboration with the conductor and orchestra, pushing the boundaries time after time. With the purpose of touching the hearts of the listeners, of entrancing the audience. For instance with a spectacular finale of Wagners’ Ring des Nibelungen or a playful piccolo piece in Stravinsky’s The Firebird. It is this variety, this huge range from grand and compelling to small and intimate, that makes classical music one of the most popular art forms around the world.

Art means suffering as well. And with this, we are not just referring to the broken heart of the rejected poet. Unfortunately, temporary or permanent hearing loss is not uncommon among classical musicians. A recent study among 144 French horn blowers, shows that 11 to 22 percent of them suffers from hearing loss, whereas only 8% of them frequently wear hearing protection. A previous study, commissioned by ‘het Sociaal Fonds Orkesten’ shows that classical musicians often suffer from tinnitus, a temporary ringing of the ear, excessively sensitive hearing or the inability to hear certain pitches.

earplugs for the orchestra
Orchestra Ear Plugs

We have to admit; the knowledge of classical music at Alpine has not yet reached the stage in which we can effortlessly distinguish a performance conducted by Mariss Jansons or Willem Mengelberg. We do know a great deal about hearing protection, tone charts and absorption values however. As one of few manufacturers in the world, we focus specifically on hearing protection for various target audiences. A strategy that pays off. Our earplugs for musicians offer optimal absorption, thanks to the unique AlpineAcousticFilters. These only filter harmful noise, without distorting the sound. We offer various filter sets, each with their own absorption value.

Our earplugs are made of the special AlpineThermoShape. This material takes on the shape of the ear, resulting in a perfect fit, without giving you the feeling that you have been cut-off from the world. In addition, our earplugs are antiallergenic, unlike earplugs made of silicone. This makes our earplugs perfect for use during concerts that last a little longer.

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Ear plugs for the orchestra