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Why do musicians use earplugs?


 Anyone who makes music, is a musician. Whether this is professional and for a living or a student who loves playing the piano as a hobby. There are different kinds of musicians. Musicians such as singers, guitarists, pianists, but also DJs or singers. If you put several musicians together, you have a band, or an orchestra. Every musician benefits from earplugs to protect their hearing or to support their performance.


Artists with earplugs

If you have ever been to a show or concert of an artist, you will probably have noticed that they have an earplug in. Or maybe you have seen it on television in shows such as The Voice. Have you ever asked yourself why they do this?

On and around the stage, you’ll often find extremely large speakers and amplifiers. In summary, a lot of noise and the sound level is extremely high. If the singer wants to be able to hear himself to prevent himself from singing out of tune, he uses earplugs. The earplugs are also referred to as in-ears. These are custom-made earplugs containing a speaker.

Instead of the singer hearing the sound via the speakers, he/she now hears it via the ears. Because these in-ears contain a wire connected to a transmitter, which, in turn, is connected to the sound of the singer and the other band members and, of course, the equipment. A sound technician controls the sound heard by the singer during the performance. The in-ears also serve as hearing protection, since the ambient noises are absorbed.


Earplugs for musicians

In addition to singers, who mainly work with in-ears, there are countless of other performers who have no use from in-ear monitors, but who greatly benefit from hearing protection. Because if you make music, you produce extremely loud noise, which may cause hearing loss. A DJ behind the wheels of steel, a violin player in the orchestra or simply an old rocker on the guitar, everyone can use hearing protection to prevent the hearing against hearing loss. One can choose between universal earplugs or custom-made earplugs. Alpine has marketed the MusicSafe Pro earplugs especially for musicians.

A beautiful conclusion to the question ‘why do musicians have earplugs’ is because, on the one hand, they want to be able to hear themselves better during a show and on the other hand, they want to protect themselves against hearing loss.