General product information

How do I place the earplugs into my ear?

Universal earplugs

    1. Slide the insertion aid over the earplug’s handle.
    2. Gently pull your ear slightly upward and insert the earplug into the ear.
    3. Rotate the insertion aid until the earplug sits correctly in the ear canal and release your ear.
    4. Carefully pull the insertion aid off the earplug.
    5. You can also insert the earplugs without the insertion aid. Follow step 2 and release the ear.

Personalised earplugs 

Check carefully to determine the left and right earplugs. In a set of personalised earplugs, the right earplug features text printed in red. In a set of red personalised earplugs, the left earplug features text printed in blue.

Pick up the protector between thumb and index finger, holding on to the wider side with the Minigrip oriented towards the palm of your hand (image 1). Make sure the thinner end points forward (image 2). Push the protector into the ear with a rotating motion towards the back (images 3 and 4). Press it firmly into the ear until the earplug fits seamlessly, and the ear canal is closed off completely (image 5).

To remove the earplug, hold the Minigrip removal aid (image 6) between your thumb and index finger (image 7) and gently pull the earplug from the ear (image 8). Don't grab the Minigrip between your nails; this can damage the Minigrip.

What is the lifespan of Alpine earplugs?

Universal earplugs
The service life of universal earplugs depends on how often you use them. Cleaning them on a regular basis extends their service life. Do you use your earplugs every day? In that case, we recommend replacing them after three to four months.  Naturally, earplugs that you don't use daily will last longer. With an eye to hygiene, we recommend replacing universal earplugs, such as Alpine PartyPlug or Musicsafe, after one to two years.

Personalised earplugs
On average, personalised earplugs made from soft materials last four to five years. This is because your ear canals keep changing throughout your life. The form of your ear canals may have changed so much after four to five years that the earplugs no longer close them off adequately. This reduces their noise reduction function, so your hearing is no longer protected optimally

How do I clean the earplugs?
You can clean Alpine (universal and personalised earplugs) with warm water and soap or the Alpine Clean disinfectant cleaning spray. Dry the earplugs with a clean dishcloth or tissue. You can use the earplugs again immediately. The personalised earplugs come with a cleaning hook, which can be used to remove earwax from the earplug’s opening if necessary.

I want to exchange my filters. How do I do this?

How do I change the filters in universal earplugs?
The Alpine MusicSafe, Alpine MusicSafe Pro, and Alpine MotoSafe come with different filter sets. You can change the filters to increase or reduce the earplugs’ noise reduction value. Pull the filter from the earplug. They are secured quite tightly, so you will have to pull firmly to release them. Don't be afraid that you will damage the earplugs. Once you have removed the filter, you can insert a different filter. Don't forget to do this for both earplugs. You cannot change the filters in the other universal earplugs.

How do I change the filters in personalised earplugs?
Do you have personalised earplugs with a filter inside the earplug? In this case, you should make an appointment at our Utrecht office to exchange filters. Or send the earplugs to the address below with a note requesting us to insert a stronger or lighter filter. Please mention your contact and address details in your note. We will return your earplugs free of charge within 4 workdays.