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Alpine SleepSoft

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Unique product characteristics

  • Absorbs ambient noise and snoring sounds
  • Extremely comfortable due to soft AlpineThermoShape™ material
  • Doorbell, alarm, and alarm clock can still be heard due to unique AlpineAcousticFilters™
  • With extremely soft filters, especially designed for (side) sleepers
  • Easy to customize, fits in every ear
  • Convenient compact carrying case
  • With Alpine Cleaner to easily clean the earplugs
  • Can be worn all night
  • Also suitable for apnea, snoring during pregnancy
  • No silicone
  • Reusable
  • Winner RedDot award 2015
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Earplugs for sleeping and block out snoring

Winner Red Dot Award 2015

Alpine Hearing Protection has won the Red Dot Award 2015 for the design of its latest earplugs. The jury of this prestigious design price applauded the “high quality and the innovative ability” of the earplugs.

Revolutionary earplug model

Twenty years of experience have allowed Alpine to develop a perfect new earplug model. The extremely well thought-out and extensively tested shape of the earplugs, provides a natural flat absorption and a great fit.

AlpineAcousticFilters™ – Unique filter system

The special acoustic filters in SleepSoft earplugs reduce troublesome and harmful noise, which hinders a good night’s sleep. Snoring sounds and environmental noise are blocked, enabling most people to fall asleep more easily and to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. The special filters prevent a sense of isolation from the outside world. The sounds of the alarm clock, doorbell, alarm, or a crying baby remain sufficiently audible. SleepSoft earplugs are very suitable for use at home, while study-ing, or while staying in a hotel or at a camping site.

Do SleepSoft earplugs have maximal attenuation?

SleepSoft earplugs have an average attenuation (SNR) of 25 dB. Disturbing sounds will be muffled due to these earplugs, therefore falling asleep will be easier and they prevent from waking up too easy. You will still be able to hear some of your surroundings, for example you’ll still be able to hear your alarm or your kids.

Snoring sounds usually have a very high sound level. With SleepSoft earplugs you will muffle a large part of the snoring sounds, with as result that falling asleep will be more easy and keep you from continuously waking up. It is not possible to mute the snoring sounds completely. Due to bone conduction a part of the sound vibrations slip past and will always enter your hearing.

AlpineThermoShape™ material – super soft

The special design of SleepSoft earplugs provides extra noise attenuation and a very comfortable fit. That is due to the unique AlpineThermoShape material, an innovation from Alpine. This material adapts to the shape of your ears, thus the earplugs fit perfectly. There is no sense of pressure on your ears. ATS contains no silicone, thus causing no allergic reactions.

Soft filters – Exceptionally comfortable

SleepSoft are the only sleeping earplugs on the market with super soft filters that will have you sleeping like a log. However, if you find the earplugs somewhat too long, you can cut off part of the filter/stem without any problems.

Alpine Cleaner

Alpine has developed an-easy-to use cleaning tool to remove earwax from the earplugs. By keeping the earplugs clean, they keep working optimally and last longer.

Lifespan and cleaning

The lifespan of the earplugs depends on frequency of use. Keeping the earplugs clean will extend the lifespan. The earplugs can be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap.


Dutch Design

The design of the Alpine hearing protectors is an exclusive Dutch Design. All earplugs and filter systems are produced in the Netherlands.

Packaging contents

  • Two universal thermoplastic hearing protectors
  • Two acoustic soft filters
  • Alpine Cleaner
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Alpine insertion sleeve

Attenuation values Alpine SleepSoft

Frequency Hz631252505001000200040008000
Mean Attenuation dB25,028,027,626,727,430,131,323,8
Standard Deviation dB2,43,85,53,63,34,34,94,6
Assumed Protection in dB (APV)22,624,222,123,124,125,826,419,2

Additional Information

Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions10 x 8 x 2 cm
Material type




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handleiding-SleepSoft-oordoppenHow to insert SleepSoft earplugs
To insert the protectors, use the enclosed insertion tube. Slide the tube over the filter stem.

  1. Slightly pull up your ear and insert the hearing protector into the ear.
  2. Rotate the insertion tube until the protector fits snugly.
  3. Carefully remove the tube from the earplug.

Is the earplug too long?
Cut off a small section of the stem. Make sure that you do not cut off more than a half of the green part.

How to clean SleepSoft earplugs?
Alpine SleepSoft earplugs last longer if you look after them and clean them regularly.

  1. Clean the earplugs with soap;
  2. Rinse them with lukewarm water.


  1. Use the pointy side of the Cleaner to clean the filter.
  2. Use the side with the scoop to clean the slats, and the opening of the earplug.

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