Formula 1 Earmuff


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Unique product specifications

  • Official F1 ™ ️ earmuff
  • Great passive noise reduction of -27dB
  • Protects hearing and improves the racing experience
  • Adjustable & foldable
  • For adults and children

Formula 1

As a spectator at major motorsport events, your hearing will be put to the test. Take advantage of our exclusive range of official hearing protection. The champions and the biggest circuits trust us to their ears.


Official Formula 1 earmuff

The Formula 1® Edition earmuffs are ideal for protecting the ears during car races. With a carefully thought-out attenuation level of 27dB, so you are protected while still enjoying the race. The earmuff is adjustable and also foldable for easy storage. Fits both children and adults.


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