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Earplugs for flying

No pressure on your ears

These days we travel a lot, and go to exotic destinations whenever we can, places as diverse as Thailand, Costa Rica, China and Australia. These are long-haul flights. While there is still the sense of adventure of travel, sitting in a cramped space for long periods of time and the continuous heavy drone of the engines is not really all that comfortable.

FlyFit is the best hearing protection for flying. Our earplugs muffle the annoying environmental noise so that you arrive at your destination feeling fit and ready to go. And not only that: our earplugs also prevent the dreaded travel sickness. Take-off and landing of the aircraft creates considerable pressure on the inner ear, with painful earaches as a result. As many as 5 percent of adults and 25 percent of children suffer from air pressure pain when travelling by air. FlyFit prevents this

Our FlyFit Pro hearing protection is made from a sustainable, flexible, thermoplastic substance. Through the heat of the ear, the earplugs fit the auditory duct within a few minutes. As a result, they sit comfortably in the ears and you arrive relaxed at your destination