National Tinnitus Week

Don’t forget your earplugs

Approximately 30 percent of the world’s population develops Tinnitus, a permanent and incurable hearing damage, somewhere in his or her life. That’s why the Tinnitus Week was initiated: to create worldwide awareness for hearing damage. Tinnitus occurs at all ages, even young children can get a permanent ringing in their ears.

“Globally, 1 trillion people between the ages of 12 and 35 are at risk of permanent hearing loss due to exposure to recreational sounds.” – World Health Organization

Alpine Hearing Protection and Action on Hearing Loss team-up

This year, Alpine will be teaming-up with Action on Hearing Loss in a national hearing damage prevention campaign. Among the British population relatively little is known about the risks of unprotected listening to music in clubs.

action on hearing loss-alpine-hearing-protection

Filter earplugs that protect your hearing

Tinnitus is incurable but can be easily prevented. The average noise level during a concert or festival is about 100 decibels. Alpine PartyPlug earplugs decrease the noise with an average of 19 decibels, lowering the noise to a volume safe to be in for hours. Moreover, they’re reusable up to 100 times! The AlpineThermoShape material adapts to the shape of the ear canal with your body heat, creating a perfect and super comfortable fit.

Unfortunately, you will only notice hearing damage once it’s already too late. The use of hearing protection does not only prevent hearing damage, it also lowers the chance of earaches or a ring in your ears after a concert or festival. With hearing protection you can continue to enjoy music for years. Love your ears!