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Earplugs for surfing

Prevent surfer's ear

Surfing across at Watergate Bay in Cornwall at full speed, your sail boat combating the waves at Thurso East in Scotland or you turn a somersault under your kite. For water sports enthusiasts who like something with a punch, the combination of sun, water and a stiff wind is ideal. Every year, thousands head out on the water at the first flicker of sunshine. And if it’s a bit on the fresh side, you simply pull on your wetsuit.

Extra protective clothing is the most natural thing in the world for all water sports enthusiasts. You want to prevent hypothermia if you fall off your surfboard. And sitting on deck in just a shirt in a force 8 gale is no fun at all.

We would like to add another little tip here. Protect your ears against the water also. Certainly in colder weather, a dip in the water can be a direct cause of a painful ear infection. And our earplugs also prevent you from becoming tired less quickly from the constant blowing of the wind.

With our SwimSafe earplugs, you are well protected and water does not get into your ears. Naturally you can still hear environmental sounds as normal. The special design of the SwimSafe earplugs prevents the sensation of being completely shut off from the outside world or of having too much pressure on your inner ear. As well as this, bacteria have no chance to settle in your ears. SwimSafe hearing protection is suitable for adults and children of eight years and older.