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NEW! Alpine SleepSoft earplugs with Minigrip removal aid

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The feeling that you can handle the day’s challenges. Feeling energetic and rested. Isn’t that what everyone wants? The basis of this is getting enough rest at night. Unfortunately, this can be challenging for many people, for example due to distracting ambient noises. Alpine SleepSoft earplugs have offered peace and quiet worldwide for years. The successful earplugs for sleeping have now been upgraded. Thanks to the unique Minigrip, removing the earplugs is easier than ever.

Attenuation without isolation

You expect as much silence as possible from earplugs for sleeping. Alpine SleepSoft earplugs offer maximum attenuation, but don’t completely isolate you from the outside world thanks to the special filters. You can still sufficiently hear important sounds like the alarm clock or fire alarm. Nevertheless, sound can never be entirely muted by only closing off the ear canal. Our cranial bone also catches sound vibrations. With sleeping earplugs, annoying sounds are attenuated to the highest level.

Comfortable and excellent fit

Comfort is essential for earplugs for sleeping. The most important characteristic of a sleeping earplug is its ability to attenuate annoying ambient sounds. But of course, you still have to be able to lie on them comfortably. That is why Alpine SleepSoft earplugs are made of very soft thermoplastic material. This material is hypoallergenic, which means that it doesn’t cause any skin irritation. The filter and Minigrip are also made of this soft and flexible material. The earplugs mould to the shape of your ear with your body heat. In short: a comfortable and excellent fit.

New: Minigrip removal aid

SleepSoft earplugs now have a unique Minigrip. This handy grip makes removing the earplugs even easier. The Minigrip is small, barely visible and made of soft material. Even side sleepers will not be bothered by the Minigrip.


The Alpine earplugs for sleeping are specially developed for light sleepers that are sensitive to sound. However, Alpine SleepSoft comes in handy in multiple situations. Earplugs for sleeping are for example also practical…

… for muting the snoring of your partner;
… when you want to close yourself off completely to, for example, concentrate better;
… in noisy hotels/hostels/campings;
… in the hospital;
… when you want to sleep while travelling, for example in the train, airplane or at the airport.

Foam and wax earplugs

The properties of filter earplugs listed above offer many advantages over the well-known foam earplugs and wax earplugs. Both foam earplugs and wax earplugs seal off your entire hearing canal, making it harder to hear an alarm or alarm clock. Furthermore, these earplugs can only be used once, while filter earplugs can be used daily for up to four months. Finally, filter earplugs are much more comfortable. Foam earplugs often bulge out and the material contains silicones, which can cause sweating and itching. The Alpine SleepSoft thermoplastic material is hypoallergenic and shapes itself to your hearing canal using your body heat.

Order the new Alpine SleepSoft here and experience it for yourself!