On this page, you can learn how to properly use the Alpine Muffy Baby to keep your little one safe and comfortable on all your adventures. We'll guide you through getting the perfect fit with an instructional video, plus share tips on caring for your Muffy Baby. Let's get started with the how-to video!

How to use Muffy Baby


Can my baby wear hearing protection all day?

While it's safe to use hearing protection, it’s important to give your baby regular breaks. Use the earmuffs primarily during loud events. We recommend wearing the hearing protection for no more than 3 hours per day and 90 minutes at a time.

How do I know if the hearing protection fits correctly?

The Muffy Baby should fit snugly without being too tight or loose. Here’s how to check the fit:

  • Make sure you position the left (L) and right (R) earmuffs correctly by checking the markings inside.
  • Place the headband on the forehead, just below the soft spot.
  • Ensure that the entire ear is covered by the earmuffs.
  • Check that the letter 'A' on the side of the earmuff is pointing up.

Is the Alpine Muffy Baby safe for my baby?

Yes, the Alpine Muffy Baby is CE, UKCA and ANSI-certified, meeting the highest safety standards. It has been thoroughly tested and approved by both parents and babies.

How do I clean the earmuffs?

Use a damp cloth, lukewarm water, and mild soap to clean. The headband can be removed by pulling it through the holes and can be hand washed at 30 degrees. Close the Velcro beforehand to avoid damaging the Velcro strap!

Is there a manual?

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