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Hearing Protection at the FIA World Rally Championship

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Everyone who has ever visited WRC Rally can tell you that the sound is beautiful, loud and unique. As a lover of motorsports, there’s a big chance you love this sound. However, the noise of these speeding rally cars can damage your hearing. This is of course not desirable. Therefore, please read our hearing tips for at a World Rally Event.

The noise at WRC rallies

WRC Cars can easily reach 130 decibels along the stages. damage your hearing. To clarify: noise can be harmful from 80 decibels. This is comparable with the noise produced on a busy road. At 80 decibels, you can safely spend 8 hours exposed to the noise without suffering hearing damage. At every 3 decibels above 80, this duration is halved. This is because the sound doubles every 3 decibels. As such, you can only spend 4 hours in a space with noise of 83 decibels without damaging your hearing. And noise above 110 decibels is so loud that it immediately damages your hearing. You only notice the hearing damage when it’s too late. And by then it’s too late to do anything about it. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to still be able to enjoy the sounds at the rallies, but prevent the risk of hearing damage.

Tip 1: keep sufficient distance from the stages

By not sitting or standing along the stages, you lower the number of decibels to which you are exposed. Therefore respect the safety zone set by the rally marshalls and keep distance from the stages. As hardcore WRC fan you most likely still want to be first row and be as close as safely possible and allowed, therefore make sure you at least follow tip 2 of this list.

Tip 2: wear hearing protection

Alpine has developed earplugs and earmuffs specially for WRC, completely in rally style. By wearing hearing protection, you lower the number of decibels to which you are exposed. Alpine WRC earplugs are made of AlpineThermoShape™ material specially developed by Alpine. This material moulds to your ear, which means the earplugs fit perfectly and remain in place. The special acoustic filters in the Alpine WRC earplugs reduce the noise of the WRC Cars to a safe level in which you can remain for hours without problems. Thanks to these AlpineAcousticFilters™ the cars tearing past are still properly audible and you can still chat with your neighbours in the audience and still enjoy the beautiful sound of the WRC cars

Are you visiting an WRC event together with a very young racing fan? Then don’t forget to protect his or her hearing with a suitable earmuff such as the Alpine WRC Muffy. This hearing protector is specially designed for protecting children’s ears and can be used in many noisy situations. In addition to the Rallies, these include festivals, parades and concerts. This hearing protector is adjustable, lasts for years and even fits an adult head. Additionally, the earmuff is also very suitable for more concentrated learning and reading at home and in school.

Tip 3: take ‘ear breaks’

Thousands of cilia in the cochlea allow us to hear. These cilia send signals through to our brain. The brain converts these signals into sound. Loud noise strains the cilia. Overburdening the cilia can lead to (permanent) hearing damage. When the cilia are damaged, they no longer pass on information to the brain. This reduces your hearing. But it can also be the case that they pass on incorrect information, such as ringing or static noise (tinnitus). You can also become oversensitive to certain types of sounds (hyperacusis), hear distorted sounds (distortion) or hear differently with both ears (diplacusis). Preferably wear hearing protection, but if this is not possible, give your ears regular rest and find a peaceful spot.

You only get one pair of ears

You unfortunately only notice hearing damage when it’s too late. Using hearing protection prevents hearing damage and furthermore ensures that you less quickly develop an earache or ringing in your ears after a rally. Keep enjoying rallies for years and always wear hearing protection along the rally events.