Ear plugs to go clubbing

Let's Party!

Ear plugs to go clubbing

After a long working week, it’s always good to let yourself unwind completely, for example during a night out in a club with dance music. Enjoy the music on the dance floor all night with the company of your good friends. Then there is the issue of waking up the next morning with buzzing in your ears, or even a touch of deafness.

At night clubs the music is often 80 decibels or higher. And exposure of longer than fifteen minutes to such noise leads to permanent damage to the hearing. Did you know that in the United Kingdom, approximately 1 in 100 people have tinnitus? If you go out to night clubs a lot, then you use our special PartyPlugs, of course. These are transparent earplugs that fit comfortably in your ear and muffle harmful noise. The special transparent filters ensure that you can still hear the music, but at a safe level. And naturally you can still talk with your friends.

Our PartyPlugs are made from a durable thermoplastic substance. They fit comfortably into the ear because they shape themselves to fit your auditory canal. Because we have made them from transparent material, you can barely see them in the ear.  If you want to continue enjoying music, use our PartyPlugs.

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