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Convertible earplugs

No windnoise in the car

As soon as the sun breaks through the clouds, you’re on your way in your open-top car. You’ve got the roof down, the wind is blowing through your hair and now and again you’re pushing down on the accelerator. In tunnels, you change down a gear to really hear the sound under the car bonnet. It’s a great feeling, but did you know that at speeds of around 120 kilometres (70 miles) per hour, your ears have to process on average about 100 decibels of sound?  And that employees are obliged to wear hearing protection from 80 decibels and higher?

Driving an open-top car is one of the most pleasant ways of getting around,  and we are happy to contribute to that. With our special MotoSafe earplugs, you prevent the risk of (long-term) damage to your hearing. The unique filters remove the high-frequency noise of the head wind, but you can continue to hear the engine and other traffic without any problems.  Our MotoSafe hearing protection allows you to enjoy your open-top car journeys without any unpleasant ringing in your ears afterwards.