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Hearing protection for kids at school

Concentrate without distraction

Whether it’s for an arithmetic lesson, an aptitude test or a secondary school examination, school-going and studying children need to be able to concentrate properly during lessons. This is not always easy in a very full class. In particular in this time, when children can be overstimulated very quickly by all the noise around them, it is important to ensure that they can work in peace and quiet.

In addition, there are more and more children with hyperacusis. They are extremely sensitive to loud noises, so that a fighter jet flying over or a television with its volume turned up very high can quickly cause pain in the ears. As well as this, children are fatigued very quickly if they are exposed to too much noise on a daily basis. This in turn can lead to chronic fatigue and loss of concentration.

We have the Pluggies Kids especially for school-going children. These are cool earplugs that fit perfectly and muffle loud environmental noise. With these earplugs, children can still talk to their classmates as normal and of course can still perfectly hear what the teacher is telling them. Our earplugs are made from durable, flexible thermoplastic material that shapes itself to fit your child’s auditory canal. If you want your child to learn properly in peace and quiet, then give him or her our earplugs. Our earplugs are suitable for children aged 8 and up.