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Music hearing protection for kids

Take your kids safely to loud events

At the music lesson, in class, or at home. For children, making music is a source of pleasure. And then preferably also a little bit louder, so that Mum and Dad can also hear it. Great fun of course, but excessively loud music can mean long-term damage to the hearing for your child and naturally you want to avoid this.

During concerts and at music festivals it is also very important to protect your children properly against too much noise. We don’t dwell on it often, but children’s ears are that bit more sensitive than adult ears. On top of this, there are ever more children who suffer from hyperacusis, extreme over-sensitivity to loud noises.

Making and listening to music are extremely important when it comes to raising your child. We would like to help with this in a safe manner. With our special Pluggies Kids, your children’s ears are properly protected. The hearing protection filters away the harmful sound, but they can continue to hear the music as normal. And you, of course, if you ask if it could be turned down a bit.