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Earplugs for hunting and shooting

Concentrate and protect your hearing

Absolute concentration and tense silence.  You are standing in precisely the correct position, you point your weapon to the disc and pull the trigger. With a loud bang the bullet appears in the target, a perfect bull’s eye. Satisfied, you release your weapon and make room for the next shooter. In the United Kingdom, as many as 480,000 people shoot live quarry. It is not the calibre of the air gun or firearm that counts, but the art of concentration and hitting the target cleanly.

This concentration and efficacy also applies to hunting, naturally. A good hunter ensures that he aims at his quarry and kills with one shot so that the animal does not suffer. This is why we regularly also see hunters at shooting ranges and practising the dynamic shooting of clay pigeons, for example. One of the main rules of hunting is that the hunter ensures he remains completely proficient in the use of his weapons.

Naturally safety is the main concern in shooting and hunting. And one’s own protection is kept very much in sight. It is with very good reason that in many cases the professional marksman wears shooting glasses and hearing protection. We generally see headphones worn at shooting ranges or during the hunt which completely close off the ear.  However, because of this, there is the risk that necessary commands from the range commander are not heard, or indeed you fail to hear a wild boar or deer approach when sitting in your perch. Shooting without ear protection is not an option. This can quickly lead to permanent damage to the hearing. And naturally you want to avoid this. Alpine has developed special hearing protectors for shooting and hunting.

Earplugs for shooting & hunting