Especially for birthdays and Christmas, Alpine wraps the orders for a £0.80 fee. On this page, you can view all the wrapping paper.

Wrapping gifts

Have Alpine wrap the products into a great gift. With special wrapping paper, we will make a beautiful creation for you to give. We will always fit the packaging with something extra, such as a little flower, or other decoration in case of birthdays and a little Santa in case of Christmas. The wrapped gift is packed in a firm envelope, so that the gift can be properly delivered. Of course, the invoice is inserted in the envelope separate from the gift.

Birthday gift wrapping paper

Throughout the year, you can have Alpine products wrapped in special birthday wrapping paper (see image 1).

Birthday wrapping paper

Image 1: Birthday wrapping paper

Christmas wrapping paper

From December 6th until December 27th, you can have your Alpine products wrapped in special Christmas wrapping paper (see image 3).


Christmas wrapping paper

Image 2: Christmas wrapping paper

Please note

These photos of the wrapped gifts serve for illustrative purposes only. No rights can be derived from the photos displayed.