The earplugs being used for the MusicSafe Classic and Pro are the same while the PartyPlug earplugs differ.

One of the main differences are the delivered amount of filters. The MusicSafe Classic and the MusicSafe Pro are specially designed for musicians. The MusicSafe Classic includes two separate pairs of filters with different levels of muffling and the MusicSafe Pro includes three separate pairs of filters with different levels of muffling. As a musician, this allows you to determine your own muffing, regardless of where you’re playing (studio or stage for instance) and regardless of which instrument you’re playing. The PartyPlug is intended for going out, concerts, and festivals and has just one set of filters. In addition the travel boxes of the three products each are unique, plus you can pimp the travel box of the MusicSafe Pro in your own style. Finally, only the MusicSafe Pro comes with a spare earplug and a string.

The differences in a table:

PartyPlugMusicSafe ClassicMusicSafe Pro
Number of filter sets123
Attenuation values; SNRSNR=19Silver filter: SNR=17
Gold filter: SNR=18
White filter: SNR=14
Silver filter: SNR=17
Gold filter: SNR=18
Earplug colorTransparent, white, silver grey or blackWhiteWhite, silver grey or black
Type of carrying caseMiniboxxTravelbox de luxeMusicSafe Pro Box
Customizable boxNoNoYes
Extra earplugNoNoYes