How long will it take you to deliver my order?
Will my order fit through the mailbox?
Who will deliver my (earplug) order?
Do I pay shipping costs?
How do I clean my earplugs
Which payment methods are available?
The Muffy is too small and/or doesn’t fit. What should you do now?
Do you sell disposable earplugs?
My discount code isn’t working. Now what?
Is the web shop safe?
Can I return my product?
I received the wrong product. Now what?
What does the birthday and Christmas wrapping paper look like?
Customs Fees
Can I get a cord with the universal earplugs?
How should I insert my earplugs?
My filters are still good but the earplugs are old. Is it possible to buy individual earplugs for the universal sets?
Can I still buy the Unifit?
Can I exchange the filters of my universal earplugs?
The earplugs don’t really fit my ears. What now?
How long do the universal earplugs last?
Do the earplugs have a CE mark?
What is the best way to store earplugs?
Do you also sell waterproof earplugs?
What is the difference between the PartyPlug, the MusicSafe Classic and the MusicSafe Pro?
Is it possible to buy separate filters?
I have lost the user manual for my earplugs. Can I still get one somewhere else?
Where can I buy Alpine earplugs?
How can I file a complaint?
I don’t see my question. What now?
How do I prevent that annoying buzz or beep in my ears after a night out?
What is the difference between foam earplugs and filter earplugs?
Why is too much muffling not good?
What is the difference between Alpine Clean and cleaning tablets?

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