Musicians are 57% more likely to have hearing problems Alpine

If you attend a concert or festival, you protect your ears with earplugs, of course. Recent research has shown that professional musicians should adopt this practice as soon as possible. This group is nearly four times as likely to lose their hearing as the normal population. In addition, musicians are 57% more likely to have tinnitus due to exposure to loud noises.

Hearing loss in musicians

The magazine Occupational and Environmental Medicine published the German research, including all results. The researchers looked at the medical records of seven million Germans from 2004 to 2008. Three million Germans were between 19 and 66 years old, including 2,227 musicians. In this four-year study, nearly 248,000 cases of hearing loss were reported. Of these, 238 were musicians with hearing problems.

Comparisons showed that musicians are four times more likely to have hearing loss. Of course, this is due to exposure to all musical stimuli all around them on the stage. They are in contact with noise much more and longer, which increases the probability of tinnitus. In this case, by 57%. Since hearing is sacred to musicians, hearing problems like tinnitus are quite serious.

Hearing protection for musicians

“Given the number of professional musicians and the severity of the results, the consequences may indeed hinder their profession and result in severe loss of quality of life, hearing loss in this group is of great importance to the public health,” the authors of the study state. The data demonstrates the need to take action.

The researchers therefore recommend that all musicians should use standard hearing protection, regardless whether they play violin in an orchestra or are the drummer in a hard rock band. If you are you a musician and want to protect your hearing from any issues, please use our special earplugs for musicians.

If you are curious about the entire study and all results, click here.

By Lisette de Roode

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