Motorcycle emergency organisations recommend motosafe earplugs Alpine

Since 2012, Alpine proudly sponsors several voluntary ‘Blood Bikes’ organisations in the United Kingdom. Alpine has provided MotoSafe earplugs to the motorcyclists to ensure that their ears are well protected while doing volunteer work.

Transportation Blood Bikes

There are several Blood Bikes organisations in the UK that provide free 24/7 services for the transportation of emergency medical supplies such as blood, blood products, medications, milk, organs and other medical supplies between hospitals and other health centres. Outside office hours, this type of transport is often reliant on taxis and courier services that cost a lot of money. By deploying the Blood Bikes, not only a lot of money is saved, but also valuable time because the Blood Bikes can be quickly on the spot during critical situations, even during traffic jams.



The bikes are equipped with flashing lights and reflective colours and have special equipment to safely transport blood and the like. The extra trained riders are dressed in distinctive and protective clothing, and now Alpine MotoSafe earplugs protect their ears well.


The organisations run entirely on donations and the efforts of dozens of volunteers who make themselves available in their spare time. Alpine sponsors Scottish Emergency Rider Volunteer Service, Northumbria Blood Bikes and Blood Bikes Northeast and hopes that the Blood Bikes can keep saving a lot of lives.


By Lisette de Roode


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