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Esther is a highly sensitive person (HSP). She tells us how she sometimes gets over-stimulated. “I regularly wake up over-stimulated by noises coming from outside. Cords on flagpoles hitting the metal post. Screaming children running outside. The sound of the washing machine. Dog’s feet tapping on the floor. Or dogs barking outside. And I haven’t even mentioned the wind….”

Sharp hearing

“My nervous system is already overloaded before I’ve even had the chance to get out of bed. I receive everything loud, fast and all at the same time. My hearing is so sharp, it frankly makes having a normal life impossible. This might sound exaggerated, but that’s how it feels to me. I can’t even have a quick run to the supermarket, go for a walk, exercise or anything like that.”


“This all changed when I went to a concert a few months ago. The sound was so loud that I simply couldn’t stay. It felt like all the energy was sucked right out of me. My boyfriend bought me a pair of Alpine earplugs from the box office. Just to see if this would make things a bit more bearable. And there they were: my little plugs of gold. I find it hard to express, but these Alpine earplugs are the world to me. And I think they could also be for a lot of other highly sensitive people!”

HSP earplugs

“I tried out how I felt using the ear plugs during the days that followed. They feel very comfortable. You don’t even notice them. Sometimes, I forget I am wearing them! It takes some getting used to in the beginning, as you can hear yourself breathe. I consider this another advantage, as it allows me to hear and control my breathing. This way I can make sure that I don’t breathe using my chest (high), but from my abdomen (low).

“I can go for walks again and do some shopping. The great thing is that you never feel isolated, since you can still hear people. Their volume is lowered though, which enables me to be conscious of myself, stay grounded and especially enjoy life again. And this for only 10.99 £! I would like to share my story because I know it would help a lot of other highly sensitive people. And the earplugs might also be great for people with autism and children!”

Different attenuation levels

For average attenuation, there are Alpine PartyPlug earplugs. For higher attenuation, there are Alpine SleepSoft earplugs. And for children, there are Pluggies Kids earplugs and Alpine Muffy earmuffs (17.95 £). Earmuffs also allow children to improve their concentration at school.

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