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If you think ‘hearing protection required’, you think of the familiar blue sign with the figure wearing earmuffs. This is often almost immediately linked to the construction industry. Hearing protection is required in this industry, but there are also other professions where the use of hearing protection is recommended. Police officers, lifeguards or even flight attendants can benefit from good protection against noise.

Hearing protection required

We cannot ignore it in some professions. Hearing protection is literally required there. The Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act states that employers are legally obliged to provide hearing protection to employees if noise levels exceed 80dB. This applies, for example, to the construction industry or to factories where products are made. Earmuffs are often used in construction, but in factories where they make, for example, cars or rugs, otoplastics are common. There’s a bin with fluorescent foam earplugs at the entrance of many companies. Ideal and convenient for visitors, of course.

Hearing protection recommended

Did you know that a doorbell or alarm already produces a sound of 80 decibels when measuring noise? Can you imagine working on a festival for the whole day; you will be continuously confronted by decibels. The hearing covenant states that visitors should be able to safely enjoy festivals and events, but shouldn’t the same be true for the staff?

Nevertheless, wearing hearing protection such as earplugs has not yet become common for staff at events or in clubs. If the employer does not make them available, then it is absolutely recommended to make the conscious choice to wear earplugs yourself. This applies to the bar staff, the floor staff, cleaners, security etc.

Custom made or standard earplugs

In addition to the staff in clubs or at events, there are many other professions where earplugs may be a solution. Think of police officers or the ambulance team who use motorcycles, independent entrepreneurs who are often busy with heavy equipment, lifeguards at tropical pools or flight attendants who fly around the world. They can choose for regular earplugs or custom-made earplugs.

By Lisette de Roode

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