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Earplugs, hearing protection, earbuds? At least there are enough terms, but does every term means the same? Or is there another meaning behind them? Sometimes it is very confusing, because obviously there are earbuds to listen to music, but there are also earplugs to protect your ears against hearing damage. And there also is hearing protection. Are you still keeping track? It’s time to clarify things, and I’d like to explain it to you!

Hearing protection

Hearing protection is a general term for physical protection of the ear against noise.* This is a good definition of the term hearing protection, which simply means that your hearing is protected. Thanks to this, noise cannot cause hearing loss. Besides the fact that people started to frequently use hearing protection against excessive noise during, for example, parties, it is also possible to use hearing protection for a different purpose. For example: hearing protection while you’re sleeping because a snoring partner is bothering you, or when swimming to protect your ear from water.

Types of hearing protection

Hearing protection is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and therefore offers an appropriate solution for every purpose of activity.

  1. Universal earplugs
  2. Custom earplugs (otoplastics)
  3. Earmuffs
  4. Earplugs (foam earplugs)

A brief explanation of each type of hearing protection can read here.

Differences between earplugs

Actually, it is very easy, since earplugs are a form of hearing protection. There are different types of earplugs, such as custom-made, universal and foam earplugs. If you are looking for earplugs, you can also encounter the term earbuds. These earbuds are used to listen to music using your MP3-player or phone. Obviously, this is something different than earplugs to protect your hearing. Your hearing deserves the best hearing protection.

By Lisette de Roode

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