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Exercising is a great outlet for a lot of people. For some it can be an exhilarating spinning lesson at the gym, whereas others enjoy yoga at the beach. It is a matter of ‘you either like it or you don’t’. But once you get into the rhythm, most people don’t want to live without it ever again. Earplugs are convenient in most sports. But would you rather go wireless, pick a headphone or just hearing protection?

Running earplugs

I really love to run. Enjoying nature and all fresh scents of the forest. But there is one thing that used to annoy me: those pesky earplugs. There isn’t a runner in the world that doesn’t recognize a situation in which you are taken out of your flow, because your earplugs fall out of your ear, pulled by the weight of the wires. The ultimate solution? Wireless earplugs. And it just happens that Earin introduced wireless earbuds earlier this month. Good in-ear headphones are still a good alternative, the ones that have a better fit than the ‘standard’ earplugs. Examples of these are theSkullcandy or the various versions of the Sennheiser.

Sports earplugs

In addition to running, there are countless of other sports that may involve the use of earplugs, such as motocross, recreational shooting, hiking orswimming. At the gym, during cardio or power training, you often zee people using headphones. Those big, colored Beats by Dre are truly recommended in this case. When swimming, you can use earplugs. Of course, these do not produce any music, but they do protect you from water in your year. Perfect for surfing or other water sports. And in addition, you’ll see more and more motocross athletes with earplugs, to protect their hearing. With all those roaring motors, it is only logical that earplugs are on the rise, in the motor sports world.

By Lisette de Roode

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