5 bizarre mindfucks for your ears Alpine

You’ve probably seen them before on social media: videos or images with optical illusions. We therefore know by now that your mind and eyes can play quite some tricks on you, but did you know that sound-illusions also exists? Below we will tell you about the five most bizarre mindfucks for your ears.

1. The Barber shop

The Barber Shop is an auditory illusion during which you really believe to be in a barber chair. Listen to the video with a headset while keeping your eyes closed. Guaranteed goose bumps! In order not to take away the magic we won’t be telling you how this trick exactly works, but the barber himself will tell you in detail in the video.

2. Shepard Tone

Everyone was talking about just two things when the blockbuster Dunkirk came out in the summer of 2017: Harry Styles, who played a small role in the movie, and the impressing sound-track from Hans Zimmer. The latter had something special about it. The famous composer used the so called Shepard Tone in ‘The Mole’. This makes it seem as if the tone ladder in the music endlessly goes up. This illusion is created by a superposition of sine waves, separated by an octave, whose relative amplitude may be varied to give the illusion of a rising or falling note.

3. McGurk Effect

The McGurk effect shows that your ears and eyes can interpret speech differently. In some cases you hear something different from what is actually being said, because what you see that is being said doesn’t correspond with its auditory aspects. Confusing? Watch the video below and you’ll understand what we mean.

4. Falling balls

Another illusion with which your brain decides what you hear. In this fragment you will listen to several bells that seem to go lower and lower in tone, but in reality, it’s actually going up.

5. And last but not least, the biggest mindfuck of them all…

Murmuring, squeaking or grumbling sounds or a complete musical piece that can only be heard by you, in your own head. The same noise day in day out. Sound that doesn’t exist to anyone else: that’s the real mindfuck. Did you know that an estimated 1 million people have to deal with this on a daily basis? It’s called Tinnitus. And contrary to all the former auditory illusions, this one you’d really prefer not to try out. Drummer Paul explains why:

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