10 irritating fellow-passengers everyone recognises Alpine

It’s so familiar: you can barely get your bags to close, and once again you set off too late for the airport. But when you sink into your aircraft seat, the holiday finally begins. Or does it? How often do you end up being disturbed by your fellow travellers? If you fly a lot, you’ll certainly recognise at least one of these passengers.

  • The motor-mouth

You know the type, your neighbour who launches so amiably into a chat. About his sister-in-law’s hamster that died in its exercise wheel, and hey that book you’re reading, he also read it, the hero dies. And all that for six long hours. Friendly, but oh if only he would put a sock in it!

  • The backrest-kicker

From one point of view it’s understandable, because especially with the budget carriers there’s not much legroom. But sometimes it almost seems like a sport to kick the backrest as often as possible. Turbulence guaranteed!

  • The stretcher

Another backrest phenomenon: someone who keeps the backrest on its maximum setting throughout the entire flight. Or who smacks the backrest clumsily backwards. Naturally at exactly the moment you’ve got a cup of coffee on your tray.

  • The who-needs-earphones movie viewer

Children or adults who haven’t worked out why earphones were invented. So that you can ‘cosily’ share their film or game. Or the passengers who do indeed wear the earphones, but have them so loud you can also share.

  • The armrest-coloniser

Armrests are intended for two passengers, but some passengers turn claiming them into a sport. Until your neighbour gets up, you have to keep your arms in your lap.

  • The starer

In front of, or next to you. Often also children who haven’t learned that it’s impolite. It’s sometimes seriously creepy.

  • The snorer

A perfect neighbour, until the cabin lights go down and he opens his mouth. All the forests you’re flying over are cut down. In the worst cases he also snuggles up cosily on your shoulder. Sweet dreams, NOT.

  • The exhibitionist

Think of those ponytails that dangle over the backrest, shoes that appear under your seat, smelly feet plonked on your armrest, beer bellies under a half-mast shirt, the butt crack full in your face. All bodily parts you’d prefer not to have in your immediate vicinity.

  • The world-champion bawlers

Unfortunately babies aren’t always the most lovable fellow-travellers Those poor kids’ ears have to cope with a lot during such a flight. And as a consequence, so do you. Sure, the kids can’t do anything about it (and neither, often, can the parents) – but it’s p-r-e-t-t-y irritating on a night flight to Bali for instance, that the little darlings don’t grant you a moment of peace. A flight like that can reduce more than just the kids to tears, to put it mildly.

  • The tippler

Everyone knows you should drink a lot during a flight. But some passengers interpret this to mean getting stuck into the booze, drinking huge volumes of beer, perhaps. And wine. And whisky. And gin and tonic. With all the noisy consequences.
‘Stewardeeeheees!! Can you bring me another one!?!?’

Fortunately, you leave most of these types in your wake once you leave the aircraft. So: do you need a solution to make your flight a lot more pleasant and relaxing? Then use earplugs. Our FlyFit earplugs  can contribute to a pleasant flight and a good start to your holiday. You can at least handle the motor-mouth, the who-needs-earphones movie viewer, the snorer, the world-champion bawlers and the tippler!
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