10 great but affordable Christmas presents Alpine

It’s that time of year again! Have you decorated your home and garden already? Father Christmas, Christmas trees, candles, sleigh bells, snow and, needless to say, Christmas presents. Have you been busy for months doing your Christmas shopping or do you still need to get started? Coming up with the right gift can sometimes be difficult. So we’re happy to help with ten great tips for a Christmas pressie for him or her.

  1. 1000 Places to See Before You Die

An ideal present for those of us who want to stop dreaming and start travelling. How many can you tick off?

Book 1000 Places to See Before You Die


  1. Drone

A remote controlled aircraft 2.0. A toy for the young and old.



  1. Cheese fondue set 

Imagine yourself in a Swiss setting with this fondue set. You’ll be all set for a completely different kind of Christmas dinner.

3. Fondueset


  1. Earplugs

You’re bound to know someone who goes to lots of festivals , or likes motorcycling or goes to a distant destination for the holidays. Then how about these earplugs? Not only are they an original present, but you’ll make that night out, motorbike ride or flight a lot more pleasant. From £10.99

Ear plug for sleeping, block out snoring Alpine-PartyPlug-blog-kerst








  1. Retro calendar 

    Keep up to date with this retro calendar.

retro calander


  1. Mushroom lamp

    Turn your home into a fairy tale with this beautiful lamp. All that’s missing are the gnomes.

Mushroom lamp copper gift christmas

  1. Birdhouse

    From now on, the birds will think your garden is Amsterdam.

christmas gift birdhouse

  1. Tea 

    It’s going to be a great tea party with these heroes for company.


  1. Ab wheel

    For your home gym, to get rid of all those Christmas kilos. 9. Trimwiel

  1. Shaving brush

    For an old-fashioned shaving experience if that beard has to go at some point.

10. Scheerkwast


What is your ultimate Christmas gift? Inspire us.

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